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Thursday 27 March 2014

Filofax and technology combined!

Well hello everyone!  Wow...it's been a VERY long time since I've blogged!  I bet most of you have forgotten me, or don't even know who the heck I am!!!  I've had lots going on in my life and am extremely busy at work so I just haven't had the time.  But to be honest, I've been fairly settled with my Filofax setup and binder so there hasn't really been all that much to talk about.


I have recently had a big change in the planner area.  I've been using my Adelphi slimlines (with the odd change to a compact for a while here and there) and everything has been well with the world.  But I got sick of writing all my 'to-dos' out over and over again and with not all that many scheduling appointments, I just found that something had to change.  So I now use an EXCELLENT task manager app on my smartphone in conjunction with a mini Filofax.  The app I use is called 'Tasks: Astrid To-Do List' and it's realllllly good.  I split my tasks up into categories (remember, shopping, to do etc) and have a widget for a couple of the important categories on a page of my smartphone homescreen.  The tasks repeat and having a school-age daughter means I have lots of repetitive tasks so it works a treat.  My 'today' list is on a full screen on my phone and I just tap the box when I've completed the task, then it regenerates it for the next day/week/month etc.  Easy peasy.  You can also set the task manager to remind you at specific times of a task that needs completing.  I find this really useful because if I'm honest, I often forget to look at my Filofax for tasks!!!

Then comes the Filofax.  I use my mini raspberry Chameleon just for scheduling my life: appointments, meetings, work days, on call days, activities, school holidays etc.  I don't like the idea of having to fiddle about with my phone when I'm on a call and need to look at my diary.  I will never move away from a paper-based diary system for this reason; smartphone diaries just don't work for me.  I've tried. And I like that the mini Filofax is so small it doesn't take up too much room in my bag.

Do any of you use technology in conjunction with a smartphone???


  1. I have used an online to- do list for a while - currently Jorte for Android. I sketched key tasks in my Filofax if they must be done by a specific date but generally my tasks are kept in Jorte.

    1. I meant "schedule", not "sketched". Poxy spell checker!

    2. Just had a look at that one; lots of great reviews but looks a bit hectic for me! I really like the one I'm using, it works very well for me. It just shows that you can use both methods of organisation combined to great effect though!

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  3. Hi Lucy, The app looks great!! I tried using just the calendar function on my phone but I didn't like it. I too am much more of a paper diary girl and I'm not sure I ever will move away from that!! Might check out this app though as it does sound interesting!! Laura xx

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  5. Lucy! I know you haven’t blogged for a while so I hope you read this. I love the Mini format and everything about it works for me. I am forever on the lookout for landscape format inserts and wonder if you have come across any in your travels, other than the ones made by Filofax? All the best, Steve