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I shall be using this blog to witter on about my stationery finds in general and diaries/planners and Filofaxes in particular. Please feel free to witter along with me!

Monday 8 June 2020

I'm back...with a new Filofax!

Well.  Hello everyone!

My last post was 27 March 2014...WOW!  It's been a while!  I must admit, it took me quite a bit of time to log in to my blog but I managed it in the end.  Not without a little bit of a battle though!

So...what prompted me to come back?  Well... a couple of things really.

  1. My new Filofax set-up
  2. My impulsive decision to hop on to the Philofaxy meet-up Skype call yesterday!

So while I have been using a Filofax of some sort since my last post (including a small dabble with a Bullet Journal...), I have recently fallen in love with it all over again.  At the end of April 2020, I was put on furlough leave from work due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation.  All of a sudden, I didn't have ANY appointments, commitments, deadlines...it was very strange.  I found myself floundering and wondering what the heck to do with my time.  So, outside of homeschooling my kiddo, I decided to start putting my time into working on myself, my goals, confidence, organisation etc.

I decided to move into my A5 pink Chameleon with a page-a-day diary.  I thought I'd move into this size so that I'd have the ability to easily make my own inserts, but also I'd have room to make more notes about the things that I've DONE, not just my plans.

Very quickly, my binder became really full, to the point that I was finding it difficult to fasten.  So I bought a new one... an A5 Domino Luxe in Teal, bought for the princely sum of £25.  AND I LOVE IT!  The colour is just gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous.  It's very pliable and can be stuffed to the gills with all sorts of things.

I've been making my own inserts and laminates, and using it to propel my personal development through this tough time.  More posts of the contents to follow in due course

As for the Philofaxy call...well...I just saw that one was happening on the Facebook page and thought I'd hop on, but I was doing other things at the time and knew I'd need to stop and start making the tea during the middle so I decided to mute myself and hide my video.  I was listening in to the discussion and wasn't intending to interrupt, but Steve mentioned a couple of times that there was someone logged in but not revealing themselves.  One of the things I've been working on just recently is 'perfectionism', so, as it wasn't the perfect time for me to join the call, I did it anyway and embraced the opportunity!

We had a nice catch-up and I reckon I'll join the call again!

I shall leave you with a picture of my new Filofax and a promise that I'll post again sometime soon regarding my set-up.  I'm looking forward to getting back into the world of Filofax and Philofaxy!

Bye for now!