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Monday 4 June 2012

My new Filofax from Denmark!

Hello all!

Well, I had my first experience of ordering from a Filofax site outside of the UK last week.  And may I say, it was a very good one!

I love my pocket raspberry Chameleon but I really like the compact size because it uses personal sized refills but isn't as big and bulky as a personal.  For some strange reason, the UK site doesn't sell the compact Chameleon, but the Denmark one does!  And it's currently at 50% off, just like the Chameleons on the UK site!

Using Google Translate, I paid a total of £36.78 including oversees shipping.  What a bargain for a beautiful leather Filofax!  I ordered it on Monday evening and it arrived on Friday morning.  Amazing!

So, here it is . . .

The package

The lovely black box!

Tissue paper . . . and . . . here it comes . . .

Mmmmmm . . . delicious!

The first page

It came with a vertical appointment diary!

And this was a wonderful surprise . . . a set of black TOP tabs!  Wow!  I've never seen these in the flesh before.  I'm desperately searching for a slimline Filofax and these will work wonderfully with it.  As for the diaries, I might stick them on eBay.  Someone may want them as they're different to what the UK site sells but I prefer the 'week + notes' format.

Oh my gosh!  TOP tabs!!!

And a lined 2013 diary!  That was nice of them!
All in all, I'm over the moon with my purchase from the Denmark site.  Using Google Translate and Paypal, it was a very easy experience.

The only problem is, I've now transferred back to this compact from my pocket Chameleon and I actually thought it would be lighter (in terms of weight) and more flexible than the compact Finsbury I've got.  Well . . . it's not, really.  Dammit.  *sigh*

I wonder how long it'll be before I move back to my pocket . . .

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  1. So pretty! Pity Denmark doesn't have it in aqua, it's the color missing from my personals. And those top tabs are a great solution to the Compact/Slimline. Can't wait to see how you set it up!

  2. I'm not sure about the aqua. I have an aqua mini and pocket (see photo top right of my blog) and the colour is so vivid and bright. I've never seen an aqua Chameleon in the flesh before and it looks a bit dull and grey online to me.

    Not sure if I'll do a post of my setup for this because it's just the same setup as my pocket Chameleon and everybody's seen that now! I'm going to save the top taps for my slimline, when I get one I like!

  3. I wasn't keen on the aqua chameleon and i've seen it in the flesh, not bright enough for me, I wouldn't really call it aqua!!

  4. Ah ha! As I suspected then Alison. Think I'll give that one a miss then. The aqua of my Finsburys is just so bright and vivid, really gorgeous! Wish they hadn't discontinued that colour :-(

    1. Yeah why do they discontinue the best colours??

  5. The downside of buying online. It would be great if I could see them in the flesh and compare before buying.

    That's such a lovely photo, so pretty and spring-like and colorful!

  6. I love the top tabs - that's such a good idea :) I wonder if you can purchase just the tabs.......

  7. @Hannah J: Certainly looks like it!