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Saturday 4 August 2012

Filofax Fail!

Hello all!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try a style of Filofax that I haven't already got - a zipped Compact. I love the compact size (although I prefer the slimline and use one as my every day Filo). I thought I'd give the Pennybridge a go as a Filofax/purse combo. Obviously I used the 10% discount code and bought it from City Organiser. And here it is, in all it's purple glory!

The front

The back

The inside with inserts included
 Looks quite roomy in the purse section - loads of slots for cards.

The purse section

The back inside slip pocket
 So I decided to 'move in' and check it out. Here comes the FAIL...

This includes the contents of my slimline and purse

I could only just close it!
 It looked like a clutch bag and I felt a bit of a berk carrying it...

Just too squashed
What a shame!  I could only just fit everything in, and that's just with the contents of my slimline. There just wasn't enough room and I could only just get the zip to close. Bummer! So I returned it to CO for a refund.

Oh well, not every purchase is going to be a good one!  Now, onto my next... ;-)

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  1. It's beautiful though :) I've thought about trying this but I'm afraid it won't work for me either


  2. Aww, sorry to hear the Pennybridge didn't work out for you :( Perhaps a non-zip compact would be better?

  3. What a shame, but at least you tried it and now you know. Better than wondering and obsessing. ;-)

  4. Oh no... and that concertina purse bit looks sooo cool :( I have a zipped Holborn in Wine and I can stuff all sorts in and it still zips up. I wonder why yours was a problem? Do you think it was more to do with the concertina purse bit? My Holborn has all sorts of pockets, but nothing that stretches out, so I guess its all kept together quite tightly and therefore easier to zip up. I have inserts in there to bursting point, so the rings are completely full.

    Hope your next purchase you have more luck with!


  5. Looks like it would make a great wallet? Hmmmm...I wonder. It is beautiful though!

  6. Hello all! Sorry for the late reply but I've just got back from holiday!

    @Wandrrlust.org - I have two compacts and yes they are a brilliant size, but I'm actually very happy with my slimline. I just thought I'd try and incorporate a purse into my setup and it just didn't work. Way too big and bulky!

    @Zara M - I suspect that your zipped Holborn is a personal size, rather than a compact, so there will be plenty more room in it than the Pennybridge. It just looked really stuffed and whilst I could fasten the zip, it was a struggle!

    @Mary - I reckon the pocket Pennybridge would be a good size to try, but I won't go back to the pocket sized inserts because they are just too small for me.

    It really was a beautiful colour though, what a shame.

    Thanks to all for reading my blog! X