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Friday 10 August 2012

One life one Filofax, or more???

Hi guys!

Well, the title says it all. Are you in the 'one life one Filofax' camp, or do you use different Filofaxes for home/work/other?

I am firmly in the 'one life one Filofax' camp. I have various different commitments I need to keep track of so if I had different Filofaxes all on the go at the same time, things would get missed.  Here's what I keep track of in just my personal-sized diary (slimline binder) which is a week on one page with notes and a week's worth of DPP:

  1. Work hours (they change during school holidays).
  2. Freelance jobs.
  3. General social commitments.
  4. Band rehearsals.
  5. Band concerts.
  6. Cricket matches and admin deadlines (I'm Secretary for hubby's cricket club).
  7. Daughter's commitments.
  8. Hubby's commitments.
  9. School holidays.
  10. Dates I'm on call.
  11. General reminders & stuff to do.
  12. Birthdays.
  13. Important family deadlines.
  14. Important work deadlines & meetings that would affect general scheduling.

I also use my own DIY templates to keep track of various other things, but you can see details of my full setup here.

For work, I use an A4 binder and a month-on-one-page diary printed off the internet here, but most of what I do doesn't require me to remind myself of anything. I have odd deadlines and meetings but generally, my work just flows easily without much organisation required, although I do use Outlook to follow-up emails and for the calendar function.

As far as housework chores are concerned, I use a small whiteboard in the dining room to remind me of what needs to be done. This means that my hubby can see it and help me!!!  (Yeah right . . .)

For time-specific reminders, I'll use my Filofax but also put a reminder on my phone to alert me audibly at the necessary time. I put to dos on the 'notes' page of my WPP+N diary and then I plan my whole day out on a daily page from my DPP diary (I keep a about a week's worth in my slimline).

I've recently bought my first A5 (ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh...keep that to yourself...) and I'm currently in the process of making a list of things I can use it for.  There won't be a diary in it though...although I might use the one that came with it as a journal/record of sorts.

So, are you in the 'one life one Filofax' camp, or do you juggle multiple Filofaxes? How do you make sure that nothing gets missed? Do you sync them every day or once a week? Do you use a mobile phone or other form of technology as well?

And have you got any ideas about how I can use my new A5???

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  1. At the moment my A5 Holborn Zip in brown is my main Filofax, bought as a home maintenance but it's not kinda working out for right now, mainly because I find it hard sticking to routines and it's something I need to work on so it's where all my appointments, to-do lists and basically anything else goes, my personal carry around is my Holborn Zip in wine and at the moment I sync these two calendars, it works because I religiously do it but do I need both? Probably not and i'm seriously considering one life one filofax but it would have to be A5. I use an A5 Holborn Zip in wine as a reading/movie Filofax there is a diary in to record what I read and when, i'm using it because it came with the filofax and didn't want it to go to waste, its working out quite well and I may continue with this next year. I'm in the process of setting up a wellness Filofax in my A5 Ochre, I will also journal in here and use the diary for thoughts during in the day, quotes etc, again I may continue this next year!! I'm not sure this would count as one life one filofax if I stop using the personal but it is a step in the right direction :)

  2. Well ... I have two but one is my wallet. The A5 really holds everything... I put shopping lists in the little one but I work out of one if I think about it


  3. I have only one filofax. I have the month on two pages and week on two pages inside it. Then a daily to-do list.
    The second half is tabs for my baking blog, and for my baking newspaper column. At the back is general info and a paper tracking system for my freelancing invoices. I'd hate to have to all separated into different filos.

    I do have a different binder in my kitchen.. it's just a cheapo binder with a cute oilcloth cover on it that I use to organize my recipe develop. That way all the records of all the different batch I tried are in one place.

    Loving your blog :)

  4. Hi all! Thanks for reading my blog.

    I'm looking forward to setting my A5 up in September, but I couldn't possibly have two diaries on the go. One has to capture everything, or else something will end up getting missed!

    Although I do use two diaries in my one binder...a week on one page with notes and a day per page. But the day per page is used for notes I need to make about anything that happened during the day that I need to remember, or if I've got a busy day and need to plan it out fully and need more space. But as for planning ahead, only one diary will work for me.

    Thanks again for reading!