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Tuesday 27 March 2012

My new gorgeous Filofax! But . . .

(Click here to view my new setup with DIY templates . . . )

The moment I'd been waiting for for a long time arrived today . . . my new Filofax arrived!!!  It's a COMPACT Finsbury in raspberry and it's absolutely GORGEOUS!

Here come the pictures:

It's certainly a beautiful colour and the perfect size.

It also has a fully-elasticated pen loop (which fits a 4-coloured Bic pen in just fine).

You will see it's quite a bit slimmer than my personal Domino (which I think is fairly slim anyway).

So, I gave it a quick stroke, put it away and got on with some domestic duties that took priority over setting up my new beauty.  I would have the pleasure of doing that tonight.

However, just as I was about to collect my daughter from school, I thought I'd have one last peak before I left.  And . . . to my horror . . . I realised it was faulty!!!  Can you believe that one of the rings is actually RUSTY?!  I am totally shocked.  This is a brand new Filofax from their brand new range, so how on earth has it had time to get rusty???

Gutted is not the word!  So back to the shop she goes.  It's farewell to my little beauty as I wave her 'goodbye' for now.  (Her 'better-looking' twin sister is already on the way in the post apparently.)  See you again soon my love!  I cannot wait!  :-(

UPDATE: My replacement has arrived today and it appears to be rather perfect!  Many thanks to City Organiser for their fabulous service as ever.

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  1. Why are so many faulty??? Thats such a shame...

  2. I've never had a faulty one before. First time for everything I suppose! At least I got my replacement the very next day! :-)

  3. Hi LucyLastic,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - I thought I'd pop over to yours and have a nose :) I think it's quite fascinating how so many people have fallen in love with these wonderful organisers. My friends all think I'm a little loopy, and it didn't really help that I had started a blog on the subject too...

    I LOVE your rasberry finsbury... uh-oh! (Well I don't have a pink one yet... maybe I'll just get a little one...) Quite shocked to read about your rusty disappointment though, I'd have had to stop myself from ranting away for pages and pages on my blog if that happened to me - you did a very good job :)

    Are you on twitter?
    I'm @jipzy


  4. I don't think you're loopy at all, because I'm just the same! My husband thinks I'm crackers though but oh well, he thought that anyway!

    I'm absolutely loving my Finsbury Compact. I think I've found my perfect organiser. I will be doing a full 'set-up' post soon, I just haven't got round to doing it yet because we've been busy decorating, you know how life gets in the way! So keep an eye open for it in the next few weeks, although it'll probably go on Philofaxy's 'web finds' page when it does anyway.

    No I'm not on Twitter unfortunately - I find Facebook takes up too much of my time as it is! Thanks for following me x

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  6. Hey, I´m a little late to the party here, but I have been looking for the perfext filofax. I thought that the domino looked like it was a little thiner then the others. I´ve tried searching for a finsbury compact but I can´t find it. Is " finsbury compact" just the name of the actual filofax or is compac the size? This is a great blog by the way :)