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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Perfect punching for A5s

Well hello there gang!

On Saturday night, my hubby went on a VERY rare night out with some friends.  The next thing I knew, he was falling down the stairs at 2am.  After that, I couldn't get to sleep until after 4am so naturally, on Sunday, I was like a zombie and really didn't fancy doing anything too taxing.  So I decided to have a go at setting up my A5 raspberry Chameleon Filofax.  Well, punching some paper for it anyway.  The 'setting-up' part will come later when I've woken up again...

My A5 raspberry Chameleon

I've had my A5 since about July this year but the school holidays involved lots of entertaining my six year old daughter and once she was back at school, I increased my working days by an extra day.  So all in all, I just haven't had the time (or the inclination really) to get it sorted.  I obviously didn't need an A5 Filofax very much did I!!!  Oh well.  It would be rude not to complete my collection - I have at least one of each size available now!  Which is extremely important as I know with absolute certainty that all you Filofax fans will understand completely.

Anyway, some of you may remember Ray's post here about lined paper that was a good alternative to Filofax paper because it's so much cheaper.  I've been after some for a while now but every time I went to get some, the shelf was empty (another reason I've only just got round to giving my A5 some attention!).  So last week, I popped in to Staples and they actually had some!  I bought two packs of two Eco-Friendly Writing pads (with perforated pages) from Staples at £2 per pack (I would put a link here but it doesn't seem to be available on their website for some strange reason).  So that's 160 pages for £2.  Compare that to Filofax lined A5 paper which is £2.75 for just 25 sheets!!!  Wow - what a saving these Staples pads are!

£2 for 160 sheets from Staples - bargain!

Anyway, I've had a bit of experience with punching these pads before.  My hubby uses an A5 Filofax for work and he made his own very fancy day-per-page time management diary pages (that's another post for me to do...) and he used my punch to punch them, as well as these pads which I bought him on Ray's recommendation.

I use a Rapesco Adjustable Diary Punch 66-P which you can currently buy from Amazon for £10.48.  You can use this punch for mini, pocket and personal sized paper, but as many of you will know, with a bit of 'jiggery-pokery', you can also use it for A5 pages too.

Here comes the jiggery-pokery!

Basically, you pull the punch holes apart as if you were going to use it to punch personal pages.  You hold the paper in your left hand with the margin down the right.  Put the punch at the top and punch the first three holes with the bottom of the punch.  Then move the punch down to the bottom and punch the other three holes using the top of the punch.  Easy right?  Yeah...

It's not difficult to do, but you do need to make sure you're punching the holes in the right place, otherwise they won't fit on your rings properly and that will make you swear very loudly.  Not that I would do that because I'm a lady.  Yes that's right, a lady.

Now I may be preaching to the converted here, but in case you're new to punching A5 Filofax paper, this is what I did...

I took a piece of dark Filofax paper (green in this case) and put it on top of 7 pages of my Staples lined paper (the Rapesco punch can punch no more than 8 pages at a time).  Then I took the plastic bottom off the punch and put the cellophane I took from the pads on the floor to catch all the holes.  When I punched the holes (as described above), I used the hole punch upside down so I could see exactly where I needed to punch the holes.

Green sheet on the top, 7 white ones underneath.

A clearer shot for your inspection!

Here you can see exactly how it works.  You know where to punch because all you should be able to see through the holes of the hole punch is white, instead of green.

So because I used the dark paper as a guide over the top of the white paper, all my holes were punched in exactly the correct place, quickly and easily.

I really need to do a video but hell will freeze over before I do something as horrifying as that!!!  Maybe I could do a demonstration at the Philofaxy North-West meet-up on 1st December???  Let me know if this idea appeals and if so, I'll bring what I need along with me.  It's not rocket science but sometimes a little demonstration can make all the difference!

While at Staples, I also bought a pack of A5 Multiuse 80gm paper (£4 for 500 sheets) for my printer.

A5 printer paper from Staples, £4 for 500 sheets.  Bargain!

My intention is that I'm going to make some of my own templates for my A5 at some point in the near future (I've got plenty of pocket and personal sized templates that I've done myself but nothing for A5).  But that's another post!  I wonder if it'll be 2014 before I get round to making them... ;-)

Lucy x

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  1. You just saved me some money! =) I recently bought me a Rapesco puncher for my Personal and Pocket and needed one for my new A5 Domino. I just didn't want to buy another punch.. I got all tingly reading your post about this! HAHA... thank you so much! I read about the paper on Ray's blog and hope my Staples carry that type (I'm in the States) Seems like I saw them but in a different size..
    I love your Raspberry Chameleon = )

    1. Hi Suzee! Thanks for reading my blog. I'm so pleased that I made you go all tingly! I don't believe I've made a reader go all tingly before, you're the first!

      Good luck with punching your A5 paper and have fun!

      Lucy x

    2. LOL well maybe I went too far with that comment HAHA .. it is a great idea and I tried it thanks!=0)

  2. Great Lucy bring it along and do a demo, I've put off punching my own inserts for far too long :-(

    1. OK will do! It's really not difficult at all but sometimes it just makes better sense to see how something's done rather than read a description.

  3. This is so useful! I have been considering getting that lunch for my personal FF but I'm also on the lookout for an A5 FF but didn't want to have to buy another punch, brilliant! Thank you x

  4. I think this tutorial solves my dilemma of buying an A5 filofax. I own the Raspco, but didn't want to have to buy an A5 punch. This was a timely post. :)

    1. Excellent - I'm glad my trick was useful! Thanks for reading x

  5. Your description about hole punching on A5 and removing the base to see the other paper was such a simple solution, absolutely brilliant, a master stroke, Lucy. Looking forward to the Workshop on 1st Dec. I have thought for sometime we ought to have a get together to make inserts with some sort of decorations and other Filo related topics. See you Sat 1st December. Bye for now.

    1. Hi Anthony! Glad you like the idea. Looking forward to seeing you again on the 1st x

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