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Monday 4 June 2012

Just can't get excited about Maldens . . .

Hello all!

It's quite clear to me that many people LOVE the Maldens.  Don't get me wrong, I really like the purple one but that's simply because . . . it's purple.  And I love purple.

I did manage to stroke a Malden in Staples once and I have to agree that it was indeed a very pleasant experience.  (Apart from the weird looks I got from people in the shop who clearly thought I had escaped from some kind of mental institution.)

Now please understand that I am NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, a 'girlie' girl.  I live the vast majority of my life in jeans and I don't decorate my dividers with pretty patterns, Washi tape or Hello Kitty stickers.  And I certainly don't have any teddy bears in my bedroom (I'm 35 for goodness sake!).  But I do lurrrrrve colour.  Deep, rich, vibrant colour.  I wear colourful tops with my jeans, I have some colourful handbags and jewellery, I always use a brightly-coloured Filofax and often paint my nails with nice colours.  So the fact that the purple Malden was released this Spring made me very happy.  Or did it???

As much as I try, I can't help but think that the binder itself looks rather . . . well . . . 'masculine'.  When you compare it to a Finsbury or the beautiful Chameleon (of which I have two of each), I think it looks quite 'manly'.  I tried to be excited when they recently released the compact Malden in purple (Yay!  Purple!  Compact!  Soft leather!) but I . . . just . . . couldn't . . . quite . . . manage it.

Oh well.  My husband will be pleased anyway.  At least I won't be buying one!

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  1. With you on this one. I just can't get myself to like the Malden. I have a personal vintage pink on ebay on my watch list. If I ever end up buying it, its because everybody is talking about it. The masculine Malden just don't compare with the feminine Finchley! And oh by the way - even though I have the teal Finchley in personal, still watching yours.... :)

  2. Hello! Glad I'm not the only one to think this. I was beginning to think I was a bit weird!

  3. Me neither, I was tempted by the purple but I saw a mini Pink one in staples and it's put me off!! I love the colour of the purple but the actual filofax just does nothing for me, I'm sticking with my finchley's and Aston for now, just wish they'd bring the Aston out in some lovely bright colours like the finchley's.