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Friday 29 June 2012

Oooooops, I did it again!


Filofaxes for sale . . . read on . . .

Ok ok so I said I'd finally found my perfect Filofax in the damson (purple) slimline Adelphi here. Well, I really did. I love the fact that I have enough room to write everything on the personal sized inserts, but the sleek, slimline design isn't too bulky and doesn't take up too much room in my bag. And I've actually found that I like not having a clasp. I can slip things into it when it's in my bag with ease (receipts, letters to post etc), and I can flick it open very quickly using one hand when it's on my desk at work.  :-)

In fact, I love my new slimline so much that I've bought it in another colour! Well, a girl's gotta have options right??? I mean, how many women do you know with one pair of shoes? Or one handbag? What was that?  None?? Exactly!!!

As you'll know, slimlines in colours other than black and brown are few and far between. So after my recent purple purchase on eBay, I was really chuffed that I'd managed to find a slimline in such a lovely colour. Then I spotted a magenta slimline Adelphi on Amazon! What was I to do? Leave it there and wait for somebody else to buy it? I don't think so!

So, I snapped it up and it arrived yesterday. And here is my little beauty . . .

Front of box

Back of box

Front of the Adelphi.  Gorgeous colour!

Inside front

Inside front with the purse section open

Inside back showing the (tiny) pen clip loop

And the back
Isn't she beautiful??? She's quite . . . stiff . . . though. Training is definitely required. But at least I know that she will lay flat at some point because I bought my damson slimline Adelphi second hand and that lays very flat, and is quite supple. I'll just have to get using her straight away!

As a result of this purchase (and another impending one, LOL!), I've decided to recoup some money and sell three of my Filofaxes: my pink zipped personal Finsbury, my raspberry compact Finsbury and my aqua mini Finsbury. Obviously, I've decided that slimline is the size for me. The pink zipped Finsbury is just way too big for me. I have a raspberry compact Chameleon which is my 'stay at home' diary storage Filofax and I'm definitely going to keep that (love love love), so I don't need the compact Finsbury. The aqua mini Finsbury is so adorable and cute and I'm really not looking forward to letting that go at all because the colour's so rich and beautiful and it's sooooooo cute, but it's simply not big enough for me. I admit I could use it as a purse, but I have a purse that I'm perfectly happy with and it's quite a bit smaller than the mini. I'm perpetually on a mission to have absolutely everything I need in my bag, but by using the smallest options available to me.

So, without further ado, here are my Filos for sale:
  1. [SOLD] Pink personal zipped Finsbury (leather): No longer available. Used - has slight damage (see pictures). Comes with address papers. If you need a diary, I'm sure I could dig one out for you. £20 plus £3.50 Recorded Delivery (UK only).
  2. Raspberry compact Finsbury (leather): Used but only for about 6/8 weeks. Good condition. Comes with box.Slight nick on the elastic pen loop (see picture) and minute wear on the front of the clasp (again, see picture). Was £48 new. £25 plus £3.50 Recorded Delivery (UK only).
  3. Aqua mini Finsbury (leather): Discontinued colour. Brand new in box. Free pencil with eraser. Comes with lots of inserts: 2012 year planner, WO2P diary, plain paper, lined paper, to dos, blank tabs, sticky note pad and plastic envelope with a slit made in the top to make it useable! Was £37 new. £25 plus £3.50 Recorded Delivery (UK only).
Here come the pictures!

1. Front

1. Inside front

1. Inside back

1. Top of slip pocket where leather has slightly come away.

1. Top of slip pocket with the leather tucked back in.

1. Back

2. Box

2. Front

2. Minute wear on clasp (hardly noticeable)

2. Small nick to elastic pen loop

2. Back

2. Inside

3. Front of box

3. Back of box

3. Front

3. Inside front

3. Inside showing year planner

3. Inside showing diary

3. Inside showing to dos (also has plain & lined paper behind next tabs)

3. Zipped envelope

3. Free matching pencil with eraser

3. Full length wallet pocket

So, if anyone would like to buy one (or more!) of my Filofaxes, please email me at: lucylocketcontacts dash blogspot at yahoo dot co dot uk.

I am now after a red slimline Amazona (very classy looking for work you understand). If you have one that needs a new home, please also contact me on the above email address, or comment on here!

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  1. Ooooooh love the magenta, I was tempted by the mini but think i've spent enough lol, still not sure I could make a Filofax work as a purse so i'm treating myself (yet again) to a Fossil purse which i've been after for a while.

    Good luck!!! :)

  2. The magenta really is a gorgeous colour. So is the mini...I will miss her so much if she goes! *snif*

  3. Love the mini! Right now my wallet is really glad I don't live in the UK :)!

  4. I love that there's actually a purse section in the Slim Adelphi. Are those credit card slots? Coin/zipped pocket?

  5. @HM: My wallet wishes you lived in the UK right now, lol!

    @Doris: Hi there! The purse section just has a popper/snap clasp on the flap and the card slots are underneath the flap. There's a full-length slot at the back. No zipped pocket. It could be a really good purse actually, although if you put too much in the purse section it might stick up a bit and stop the Filofax from closing. I just put stamps and a few business cards in there and use a separate purse.

  6. Oh you are so right about the shoes! LOL, now I don't feel so bad about having a ... few Filos


  7. Hi Tracey! Yes I could never have just one pair of shoes/handbag/Filofax. It's just . . . wrong!

  8. I have an adelphi in magenta too! It's not the slimline though, just the regular personal size. I love the look of your slimline but I think I need the extra binder ring space. Luckily carry a big purse so it's not too hard to have around with me.

    So pretty!

  9. Hi Stephanie! It really is a gorgeous binder. Although I'm finding I'm using my Damson one, because that was second hand and is more supple and pleasant to the touch. I really need to use my Magenta one more so it becomes the same! Why do Filofax discontinue all the best binders???

    I surprised myself with the amount I can fit into my slimline. It has 13mm rings (so only 2mm less than the compact size) and I can get everything I need in it. I love the slimline size so much - the perfect combination of enough but not too much!

  10. Are you selling the Aqua Mini Finsbury yet? Can you send it to Hungary?