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Tuesday 29 May 2012

I just can't take all this Filofax excitement!!!

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Me.

Something happened this evening that is going to change my life.  Are you ready?  Brace yourselves. You may want to sit down.

Take a deep breath.

My husband made a confession to me this evening.  I was very afraid.  I thought his confession was going to have the capacity to turn my life upside down.  It did . . . but in a good way!

After being a Filofax Virgin for all his 40 years, he has decided he WANTS TO GET A FILOFAX!!!  Oh my goodness, the excitement was way too much for me.  I immediately became a Filofax saleswoman, showing him all his options - size, style, colour, closure, different diaries, miscellaneous inserts - he was blown away by my excitement.  Pandora's box had been opened, and nothing he could do would get it to close again!!!

His Filofax will be for work only apparently.  I organise absolutely everything to do with home/family and our social lives.  He just sits back and enjoys the ride and I don't mind this at all.  No doubt he'll bob the odd family commitment down in his Filofax once he gets going but initially, it will be for, and stay at, work.  He is a Software Development Team Leader so he has various commitments in terms of his job - meetings, one-to-ones, holiday/sickness absence, project leadership and actual software development to name but a few.  He has decided that he wants a black A5 with a DPP diary layout, but he wants the day to be split into two columns - the first one for tasks to do and the second one for tasks done, as well as how long it took him to do them (in respect of project budgets etc).  I swiftly directed him to Philofaxy's free diary insert page as well as Ray's My Life All In One Place free diary insert page.  His eyes nearly popped out of his head at the thought of all that geeky tinkering with source codes and other such nonsense (he's a software developer don't forget).  Anyway, he's taken some ideas and decided he's going to write his own program and inserts from scratch.  What fun!  But not yet, he says.  Too busy.  KILLJOY!!!

Anyway, I suggested it would be a good idea for him to have two 'today markers' - one for a WPP for his appointments and one for his DPP.  I also suggested that he could use a year planner for logging things such as sickness absence and holidays within his team.  He liked both these ideas!

So, in terms of confessions, as he had shared his with me I though it would only be fair to share mine with him.  So I told him about my blog!  He was astounded.  I showed him my site and posts and told him all about Philofaxy and that I felt so at home being surrounded by other people who were just as crackers as I was about stationery and Filofaxes.  He even read some of my posts . . . and seemed very impressed!  He did look rather stunned when I told him that I'd been blogging since early March and he had no idea.

So that's it - he knows I'm blogging, so I'd better be careful what I say now!!!  JUST KIDDING DARLING!  MWAH!

Do any of you have any tips on how he could use his new work Filofax to maximum effect???  Please feel free to share and I'll pass them on!

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  1. Wow... truly amazing, I was really excited just reading your post. I think with you to guide your husband he will be converted to the world of Filofax and never look back in next to no time!

  2. So much fun for you! I helped my daughter set hers up, gave her some accessories, and she's loving using her personal now. There IS a difference in setting up your planner the way you need it to work for you, as she found out. So have fun with your husband. Mine is hopeless, all that organization will make his head explode. (:

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm so excited. He's being his usual 'laid back' self and I can't wait to get started! Oh well. Guess I'll just have to be patient! :-(

  4. Congratulations on your converted husband! Mine carries a Flex diary to appointments. But I remember the sheer excitement when I discovered he had actually scribbled some notes on the note pad. Alas, nothing more than that.
    However, I just converted my 9 year-old daughter. She got my old lavender Domino (personal size), some nice tabs and inserts and she is absolutely enthusiastic! Even carries it to school. She got a huge compliment from her teacher (he uses a non-filofax leather binder!), and he told the class everyone should own a binder like that to be superorganised and never forget assignments anymore. How about that?! LOL

  5. I can't get my husband to even consider a planner. I am so jealous.

  6. Thanks Jotje! My daughter is 6 and I've told her I'm going to get her a pink Filofax when she starts high school. She can't wait!

    @Mommy: My hubby would never consider one for personal use. I think the only reason he's decided to get one now is because he's a team leader and he has lots more things to do and remember. He's obviously seen me using mine and how it keeps me on track. I didn't try and persuade him, that would have had the opposite effect!!! He can be rather stubborn . . . LOL!

  7. My husband is also using a filo for work. He is an IT manager - interesting that the techies are going analogue! I too was thrilled when he asked me to set it up. A few months on and it is bulging with stuff - just like a real one!!

  8. That is such a cute history! I "forced" a Filofax on DH and he took it. He writes some stuff but I try to not get too excited when he does so as I truly scare him off with my excitement! LOL
    Congrats on your DH! Even up for doing his own inserts! Amazing!

  9. I really can't wait to get cracking and set it up for him. I've found a new black A5 Identity for £21 instead of £37 so I might get him that, but I can't help wanting to get him a used leather one which is more likely to lay flat. He's really busy at the moment so as for making his own diary inserts, I'll believe that when I see it! I'm seriously chomping at the bit here . . .

  10. It's awesome when hubby gets involved too isn't it, I just made my hubby his Own Filofax a few weeks ago, he loves it. Blooged about it here:


  11. It is indeed Gail!

    Yes I saw your Ranger post before and I thought it was a fab idea!

    I spent an hour or so yesterday setting up hubby's A5 (although it's not quite finished - waiting for a delivery) so I'll be posting about it in the near future.

    Thanks for dropping by!