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Monday 12 March 2012


Hello everyone!  Or should I say . . . is there anybody out there?!?

Welcome to my new blog.  I've never done on of these before but I thought I should give it a go.

My name's Lucy and I love stationery and Filofaxes.  So I'm going to dedicate my blog to 'All Things Stationery'.  And Filofaxes!

I felt I had to discuss my excitement at the new range of Filofaxes.  Whilst it could be more comprehensive, I've got my eye on one that's due to come out any time.  The COMPACT raspberry Finsbury.

I love the size of the personal inserts but find the actual Filofax too . . . bulky.  So I'm hoping that the compact will solve my problem.  I did consider getting a compact raspberry Metropol but I gather it's a bit padded (ie: bulky) and my Mum's got a pocket one which I find a bit 'plasticy'.  If that's even a word.  So I've decided to wait and get the Finsbury.

I emailed Filofax on 5 March and they said it would 'a couple of weeks' before it comes out.  So . . . only a week or so to go!

What Filofax are you going to buy from the new range?

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  1. That's certainly a very appropriate one for this year, what with the Olympics coming our way soon! If you're going, you could wave it from the crowd!!!

    I also like the look of the purple Pennybridge and purple Malden. Notice a theme going on there . . .?