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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Kindle covers

For my latest birthday, my lovely husband bought me a Kindle.  Wow!  I absolutely love it.  I’m an avid reader so the ability to have a library of different books in my handbag at any one time is absolute heaven for me.

Because I had some Amazon vouchers to use up, I got my husband to order the Kindle a couple of weeks before my birthday; that way he got £30 off.  Bargain!  So, when it arrived, I just thought I’d charge it up and then put it back in the box.  WRONG!  Once it had charged up, I thought I’d just ‘have a quick play with it’.  Fatal mistake.  Within a day, I had over a dozen books on it and I’d almost read one of them!!!  Oooops . . .

Anyway, I digress.  I was concerned about my Kindle getting scratched in my bag so I spent rather a lot of time looking around for a case that wasn’t too expensive.  Some of them cost an absolute fortune; it’s ridiculous!  Eventually, I ordered this one and in the meantime, I came up with a brilliant solution to a temporary problem, completely by accident.

I had been using a clear 12.5cm X 17cm pencil case (as a pencil case!) that I believe I bought from either Staples or Morrisons quite a while ago.  It wasn't expensive - I reckon about £2, if that.  I put my Kindle inside it, zipped it up and ‘hey presto’ – the perfect temporary Kindle case!  I could still press all the buttons I needed to without taking it out of the case.  Here’s a picture of it:

After not long at all, my new purple Kindle case arrived.  It’s really great!  It fits perfectly inside and it doesn’t make the whole package too bulky, which was something I had worried about.  I’m always hankering after things that reduce the bulk in my handbag!

It has a storage flap on the inside cover which is quite useful.  The material it’s made out of isn’t leather, but so what?  It did smell rather . . . funny . . . at first, but that smell soon disappeared.  It’s a lovely aubergine/plum kind of purple and shuts securely with a magnetic fastener.  The inside is purple velour.

I would thoroughly recommend this product, especially at the bargain price of £5.99 with free postage and packing!  And it also comes with a free screen cover!

The shop also sells these cases for the Kindle with a keyboard at the bottom so check out their shop on Amazon and buy one with confidence.  It’s certainly got my seal of approval!


  1. I got a padded cover for my iPad recently it has quite a high rubber content, which makes it spongy and stretchy. But it really did smell bad when I got it. I put it outside on the washing line for a day with the zip open and the smell was considerably better after a day outside.. .without the iPad of course!

  2. Ah yes, a good plan indeed! I just found that the smell disappeared by itself after not long at all. I'm quite glad about that though because it was rather strong at first. I'll try your trick if I ever have this problem again, thanks!