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Friday 16 March 2012

I've had a dotty day!

I’m a secret Tesco stalker . . .

OK.  I feel I must explain.  I drop my daughter off at school at 8:40am and I start work at 9:30am.  The journey from school to work takes me between 10 and 15 minutes (depending on the traffic), so I need to kill some time before I set off.  I could go to work early, but that would be nonsensical and slightly insane.  I could go to the staff canteen and stuff my face with a big breakfast, but that would make me fat.  So, instead, I wander around the shops searching for, (amongst other things), stationery.

This week, I came upon these two little delights: a spotty/dotty storage box and some assorted adhesive coloured dots.  Hence the title of this post.  (Do you see what I did there?  Eh?)

As you can see, the box is very colourful.  I bought this to store all my (eight!) Filofaxes and their inserts because while my inserts and some of my Filofaxes are currently in a wooden Ikea drawer, I’ve run out of room and the rest are scattered around the house.  The storage box came at the bargain price of £2.97.

My husband (bless him) took one look at the box and said, ‘there’s no way that’s big enough’.  I was shocked.  How could he possibly think that I had so many Filofaxes and inserts that I could not fit them into a 31cm X 24cm X 9.5cm box?!  So I set to work to prove him wrong.


*hides box plus contents of drawer from husband’s sight*

Moving on . . .

Here are my assorted adhesive coloured dots (1,200 in a pack!).

They were only 78p; what a bargain!  I currently use some similar dots in my Filofax to indicate birthdays (blue) and deadlines (red).  I got them from Staples but they weren’t as cheap as these little beauties.  These ones come in green, navy blue, cyan blue, purple and red.  The fun I will have playing with these!  They’ll come in handy for Children in Need day when I can stick them all over my daughter too . . . hahaha!

So.  The moral of the story is . . . if you don’t want to get to work too early, bob along to Tesco - skipping merrily along the way – and treat yourself to some stationery bargains.  Many to be had at the moment!

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