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Monday 5 November 2012

I've been bargain spotting!

Hello all!

Just a quick post to let you know of some bargains I found today!

I got a text from my sister-in-law yesterday saying she'd bought herself a Filofax from TK Maxx for less than half price - a personal raspberry Finsbury.  Naturally, I directed her to Philofaxy and my blog so she could bamboozle herself with All Things Philofax!  (Did you see what I did there?  Eh?)

Anyway, finding out that such a Filofax was available at TK Max, this got me thinking.  Approaching Christmas time, they do tend to begin stocking Filofaxes (especially of the discontinued variety) so I thought I'd have a wander round and check out the situation, for research purposes only of course!!!

Well, what did I find???  A LOT!  Here's what they had:

  • Pocket Chameleons (black, brown, raspberry, aqua and SPRING GREEN!);
  • Compact (!!!) Chameleons (red and raspberry);
  • Personal Chameleons (black, brown and raspberry)
  • A5 Chameleons (brown, black, raspberry, red and SPRING GREEN!)
  • A5 Finchleys (red and mustard)
  • Pocket Adelphis (raspberry)
  • Slimline Adelphis (black and raspberry)
  • Personal Adelphis (raspberry)
  • A5 slimline Adelphis (black and red)
  • Pocket Butterfly (pewter)
  • Pocket Amazonas (black)
  • Pocket Cuban (black)
  • Mini Chameleons (raspberry, red, black, brown and SPRING GREEN!)
  • Mini Amazonas (almond, black and brown)

I would have bought a compact raspberry Chameleon and a slimline raspberry Adelphi, but I've already got these so I didn't actually buy anything.  I was gutted that the slimline Adelphi was only £25.  I paid an awful lot more than that for mine!!!  :-(

They were all no more than half price but many were less than half price, so pop along to TK Maxx and grab yourself a bargain!

Lucy x


  1. Wow what a find, i'm avoiding going though trying my best to cut down. They had chameleons in pocket and compact at Homesense near to where I live :-)

  2. Oh darn, why oh why don't they do this at TJMaxx in the US?! I look every week and NEVER have I seen a Filofax. Or at Home Goods. Total bummer. Would love to score some A5, pocket and compact Chameleons in red and black at a great price! Oh, sigh :(

  3. Cheryl, I was going to say the same thing! I could only imagine how broke I would be if I could walk into TJ Maxx and buy a slew of discount Filos.

    Maybe it is for the best...

    1. Yeah it's a bit of a problem for me... I only live about 1.5 miles away and it's on the way to work so it's verrrrry easy to just 'pop in and have a look' - yeah right!!! I spend way too much money in that shop!

  4. Aww that is quite a collection. My nearest only has chameleons in personal - and with WH doing an up to half price sale just downstairs from them. Still making decisions...

  5. The TK Maxx near us seems to have ceased stocking Filos. The WH Smiths which is closest to us has FF at half price Finchley's and the like. I had to severely restrain myself, hands firmly in pockets. I notice that Alison has proposed another Manchester Meet Up, 1st or 8th Dec what do you think?

    1. Hi Anthony! My TK Maxx is a really good one, very big and has loads of stock.

      Yes I'm planning on going to the meet-up; it will be lovely to see you again! The 1st would be better for me but I could possibly do the 8th at a pinch. I've replied to Alison's post. X

  6. I went in to TK Maxx again today and I've updated my list of Filofaxes they had available - see above!

  7. I have a TK Maxx and Homesense near me plus one near where I work. I found it very annoying having to go through every black box as I've never had a Filofax before so needed to see and compare! I had already decided on a personal so my choice was grey Malden, aqua Chameleon and antique rose Finsbury. Was really tempted by the grey Malden but I really wanted something with colour so ended up with the aqua Chameleon which I really do love, for £25. Just now I have it I'm not sure how to organise it or what I need to buy for it! Never in a million years would have paid £58 which I think it is/was on the ff website.

  8. Really happy to have picked up a mini Malden in vintage pink and A5 Chameleon in raspberry, which is utterly gorgeous; and they were both such bargains.

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